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Finally your favorite presets are available for purchase !

Package of five presets.

Once you purchase Package of Five I will send you this amazing Lifestyle Preset for Free! 

PLEASE carefully read description below!



Hello my dear friends !

I have some great news for you! Many of you keep asking me if I have my presets available for purchase anywhere. Right now I DO ! I am releasing my first pack of 5 Summer Lovers Presets ! Plus I am giving you one Lifestyle Preset  for FREE!

Please read instructions below carefully before purchasing it. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions or problems to set them up.



Perfect Summer Preset. Picture was taken in a middle of sunny day. Location Martha’s Vinyard, MA


    1. You must have Lightroom CC ( Adobe Lightroom CC) application downloaded into your phone
NYC State Of mind. Picture was taken in early fall morning. Good for a city walk with the similar city architecture.

2. Once you download an app you must register on the app, it is absolutely FREE

Luxury vibe Preset. Created for Tropical/Caribbean scene. Will look amazing with any day or early evening tropical scene. This one I use in my profile now.


3. Once you purchase and receive Presets that’s how you going to set them up: open your email from your phone –>> Go to “Download Preset”–>> Go to “Open File With” –>>You will see many application of yours from your phone –>> Choose Lightroom CC –>>Click Open with Lightroom CC–>>Click on three dots symbol in a far right corner on the app–>>You will see an option “Create Preset”–>>Click on it–>>You will see Preset Name –>> Type in Preset Name and click Save/Done Symbol in a Far right corner.

Pool Party Preset. Perfect for dusk or cloudy weather. Makes it dramatic and unforgettable as you see.

4. Now ! How you find them–>> Open your Lightroom CC App–>> Open any picture–>> Scroll through bottom settings until you see “Presets” –>> Click on It–>> Find that Preset name and click on it.     


Voilà! Your Preset is ready to rock’n’roll your Instagram account !

5. Save that picture on your Camera Roll.

6. If you are super nice and you love my presets use hashtag #aliatravelia when using them! <3 ;D



    • Please note presets may NOT work exactly the same if your picture wasn’t taken in the same lighting conditions


    • Therefore I added a description what lighting conditions I have used to receive those results


      • DO NOT PANIC if its still didn’t work perfectly. Simply go to the “Light” settings in your Lightroom App and adjust Exposure and Contrast


    • IF at any point you do not feel comfortable to purchase via website please feel free to reach out Alia.travelia I have Venmo and direct Pay Pal Options as well.

Digital Products are NON-REFUNDABLE





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