TravelEgypt. There is a reason why my page “About” has a picture of Egypt. Egypt is my very first solo journey and my the most favorite place to be….READ MORE 

Cairo from Pyramids


Cairo. You don’t want to stay and you can’t imagine leaving. At this point I don’t remember …. READ MORE..



The Red Sea adventures. The Red Sea is not very well known at the Western Hemisphere. However it is very popular and almost iconic place to visit for some… READ MORE…

Heading to Sinai Desert


Tour the Red Sea. My favorite and most memorable tours.This is my favorite part and the most memorable fun part of Egypt. This time I was traveling with... READ MORE..



Alexandria. Iskandareya you are magical. That is another world out there in Egypt. It is alluring. It is beautiful. It is magical. It survived through wars of ancient civilizations, prosperous and glorious, it was …READ MORE..



The North Coast of Alexandria. You would think you know most of the places that have the best turquoise waters and beautiful clear sand beaches. No you don’t. You don’t,  until… READ MORE…

The North Coast