Who am I ?

Few  facts about me…

– My full name is Alia. Pronunciation: AH-lee-uh. Meaning: High. Exalted. Lofty. Sublimity..

– My nicknames are Lia or Lilly, many people simply call me a world traveler..

– I was born and raised in the most beautiful mountain region of Russia in Central Part that separates Europe and Asia..

– Maybe that is why my favorite hobby is hiking..

– I belong to the Tatars, one of the oldest tribal confederations in the world..

– I am proud of my Turks heritage, which has taught me how to treat people with both respect and compassion..

– I ride horses and dream to own one..

– I love life and live in a moment..

– I adore kids and was a proud sponsor of a little girl from Guatemala
named Marie and I continue to participate in volunteer activities as
my schedule permits..

– I love to create and i love to inspire! This gives me pure joy as I
preserve happy memories through photography..

– My first degree is in Travel and Leisure, Hospitality Management. When I graduated high school I had no idea whom I want to be and my parents simply found one of the most prestigious degree of that time in our are and sent me to study. Well, apparently they did a great job because that is where I discovered that my biggest passion is traveling!.

– I moved to America, all alone, right after college with $150 in my pocket. No more comfort zone, no mommy and daddy, not even friends..

– I lived in Kansas for my first year and a half (yes, Kansas 🙂 and then I moved to a beautiful city of Boston..

– I have been living in the US for 13 years now, being a solo world traveler for 5,  I have many stories and experiences to share. Originally this blog was about to be a health and wellness blog, as I was going through some tough times in my life ..

– I have ruined many walls, broke stereotypes, walked all alone and I finally found myself, I have learnt how to be happy and healthy, no matter what people think of you. That is why I named my blog Happy Life Is Easy..

– I also believe traveling makes everyone happy. And traveling is NOT expensive. And anyone should be able to go, at least once a years, to a place where they have never been before..

– This blog is my personal opinion and based on my experience.. Most of my travels are extremely laid back and totally hippy, rare luxury, but I never loose sense of adventure and always try to explore as much as I can when I travel and I’d rather travel the unknown path..

Thank you to those who stood by my side for all these years.


I hope my stories will make you a little bit happier and inspire you. Welcome and thank you for stopping by, and forgive me if some stories are not published yet. Many of them are yet to come. Stay tuned!

Trip to the Valley of the Kings


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