Tour the Red Sea. My the most favorite and memorable tours

This is my favorite part and the most memorable part of traveling Egypt. This time I was visiting with my best friend and the whole Red Sea was up to our ankles (famous Russian saying :D). We wanted to try all possible and impossible adventures. So lets start!

Escape to  a desert!

Desert road to adventures

We picked this attraction first as we wanted to spend all day in the desert riding camels, donkeys, horses, dune buggy, quad bike, jeep safari etc. I wish we knew where we will end up to ! So you get on the bus, drive like Egyptian and come to the desert.

Upon arrival we decided that donkeys are the easiest part! What a mistake ! No wonder no one else wanted to go there first, donkeys were standing in the middle of the field and seemed bored. We felt bad for donkeys, we just went there. “Oh yeah, look at them, they are probably so slow, such a cute little donkeys” – our response to their owners, while getting on them.

These creatures hide speed monstars in them

As soon as we sat on them, bedouins brought us into the middle of the desert circle, delivered whip and screamed ” yalla, yalla”…. OMG, do you know what happened after? After… we discovered that donkeys can run! They were seriously flying through the desert circle. And all you could hear are our terrified and loud voices :D:D:D. It was very funny feeling, you are sitting low and kinda like wobbling in the middle of that low, but you are going fast. Super intense. But it turned to be my favorite part. I loved it more than riding horses and camels.

This one, with broken wheel lol

But you should definitely get on a camel. Little scary too, once they get up and sit down but absolutely safe and fun.

Next part is a dune buggy! 

For this one we were exited the most. We rode it all the way up to the desert with full speed and realized in the end we lost a tire lol. We were fine. But I dont’ know how the hell in the world we could drive.

Quad bike.

This one was fun as well, but if you do this one in a group they will line you up and you will have certain speed limits. If you prefer not to be in a group, they have private instructors available.

Jeep Safari.

Our uncontrollable jeep

I don’t know what we were thinking by getting on this one, but we were young, wild and free. I do NOT recommend it to those who thinks it could be dangerous for them, because it is dangerous! I have mentioned in my previous blog what Egyptians are about. They do like to speed! They speed anywhere and everywhere. And desert has no rules and road maps. To say that we were flying is to say nothing, we were flying, swirling, turning, racing. In the end our driver asked us if we want to try Egyptian roller coaster. The answer was ” sure”. So basically what they do is they pick the hill, very steep hill, they get on it with a full speed and get down with the full speed. And that’s what we said “yes”to. The fear came after we looked at the hill we were on. Not even buckled, sitting in a back seat. But it was fun and again, it is pretty dangerous, so don’t do it :).

Mother bedouins and the kid

Bedouin Village. 

Next, we went to see a bedouin village. We met bedouins and got introduced to their nomadic life style, bedouin’s life style. Bedouins move from one place to another often in search of grazing areas. Therefore their life style is very simple. They live in one big self-made house, if you can call it the house, it is more of a hovel with a few benches inside to sleep. Separate kitchen area, mostly outside and what we call bathroom is the room with the plastic pan inside. The family we met were very friendly, they invited us for a tea and a home-made lavash and they let us play with their kids.

Homemade lavash

When you get exposed to this type of culture, you realize how much less you need to survive and just be happy. I will tell you one more secret about bedouins but you have to read my next blog 😉

We finished the night with the dinner at the local place, smoked some sheesha (hookah) and watched  traditional desert dance calls tanura or sufi whirling, that is when they whirling in a circles non stop for a few minutes and adding some moves into it. Impressive.

After that the street performer offered us to step on a broken glass and needles that were on a top of his half-naked body.

Me, torturing a magician

And of course I was the one who raised a hand. I felt sorry. But the guy survived.

What an incredible memories.


Water adventures and Paradise Island next. Stay tuned!